Logistics and Shipping

Transport and logistics companies are currently facing tough challenges due to rising energy, fuel and transport prices. Public legal requirements which are increasingly environmentally motivated are also creating new market conditions.
With many companies this requires a strategic rethink, resulting in a variety of legal, tax and accounting issues. We have extensive experience in supporting logistics companies such as railways, road transport, port handling operations, forwarding companies, wholesalers and retailers. Our range of services includes:

  • Audits of annual financial statements and special audits
  • Plausibility checks of business plans
  • VAT treatment of passenger and freight transport services
  • Tax planning and optimisation in the national and international environment
  • Planning and documentation of transfer pricing
  • Business valuation
As auditors and accountants we have for decades used our ever-growing knowledge to provide you with industry-tailored advice to your economic advantage. Hamburg and Bremen are characterised by their ports and this also shapes our client portfolio at the UHY offices in these cities. You will rightly expect a specialisation to the needs of companies in the shipping industry with their specialist business and tax questions.